Where can I get Treated at?

Tree of Life Chiropractic in Faribault

228 5th Ave NE, Faribault (Use far left Blue Door)

Carriage House Animal Hospital  (prices may vary) in Kasson

915 Mantorville Ave N, Kasson (Use far left Green Door)

The Farm in Cordova

41614 Gorman Lake Road, Le Center (in Parked Mobile Clinic)

Mobile visits to Your Own Home or a Town Near you!

When will Dr Andrea be at those locations?

The Schedule is as Follows...

-Tuesday Mornings are Mobile Visits

-Tuesday Afternoons are at Tree of Life Chiropractic

-Every other Friday Morning are at Tree of Life Chiropractic

-Alternating Friday Mornings are at Carriage House Animal Hospital

-Friday Afternoons are mobile visits 

-Saturday Mornings and Non-Business Hours are at The Farm

**Schedule subject to vary slightly, Please refer to scheduling calendar below or Text Dr. Andrea!**

I can schedule online?!

Yes, you can!!

Click on the Link to the left. Once on the site, read the description on the left side of page below "DC" to make sure you book at the location you want!

Unsure? Dr. Andrea can get you on the schedule! Text or Call to set up an appointment.

My pet needs a Vet Referral to get adjusted?

Yes, it's the law.

Minnesota law requires that a referral from the animal’s veterinarian is obtained before providing care.

The best part is that we have the form for you! Fill out the top half and your vet fills out the bottom half. Once that is completed then we can see your pet.

*If multiple non companion animals please reach out to Dr. Andrea prior to sending the form*

Veterinary referral request 2023.pdf

The arrow in the upper right corner of the form will allow it to be downloaded.

What are prices and payment options?


Making Chiropractic Care Affordable for all!

*Hover over image and click arrow in upper right corner to expand to see all prices*

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