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After the passing of the No Surprise Act in January 2022, health care providers must give patients who don't use insurance or who are not using insurance an easy-to-understand estimate explaining the cost of any non-emergency services. Since Country Care Chiropractic does not bill insurance, below are all listed services and prices that are offered. 

Adjustments for people will be at Cordova or Faribault Location or where ever clinic is parked for the day. Mobile services available to home locations, prices may vary, see mobile price section.

~Cash Discount for paying with cash or check!!~ 

Same day pay with major credit card companies, Venmo, Health Savings Account Card, Flex Spending Account cards, and other health insurance credit cards are accepted!

Initial Visit With Exam

New patient visit cost : $73.50

**New patient or has not seen Dr. Andrea for more than 3 years**

This service includes a thorough case history, health review, family history, past medical history and the physical examination which includes a neurological exam, orthopedic exam, and range of motion observation.


Re-exam visit cost : $73.50

**New injury or has not seen Dr. Andrea for more than1 year**

This service is to update your case history, health review, family history, past medical history and physical exam.

Adjustments After Exam

Cost for Single Adjustment $42

Package Adjustments For Ages 18+ years old

Package cost is due in full at the time of purchase. If care is discontinued prior to the completion of the package the credit balance will be refunded after the full cost per session has been subtracted. Packages are for People use despite name of package.

Flock Package

6 Adjustments

Pack Package

12 Adjustments

Drove Package

17 Adjustments

Herd Package

26 Adjustments

Adjustments For Younger than 18 years old

0-2 Years Old

3-5 Years Old

6-12 Years Old

13-17 Years Old

Dry Needling

What is dry needling?

Falsone describes it as "Dry needling uses a fine filament needle to create tiny lesions in soft tissue. The body regenerates fresh tissue to replace the lesioned tissue in three to 10 days, without forming scar tissue.

With this treatment method, an anti-inflammatory immune reaction restores tissue and promotes self-healing. It all happens without the side effects often caused by anti-inflammatory drugs."

In short, dry needling is a non-drug option for managing musculoskeletal pain!

**Patient is to provide appropriate loose fitting clothes for are that is needled**


Cost for 1 Dry Needling Session 36.75

Small Package

Cost for 6 Dry Needling Sessions $205

Large Package 

Cost for 12 Dry Needling Sessions $378

The Clinic & Mobile Services

Mileage cost $1 per mile one way. Contact Dr. Andrea for accurate mileage fee.

3+ services at one travel location cancels the mileage fee 

which may include: any combination of people adjustment, animal adjustment or dry needling

Mobile Clinic Services Small towns and Businesses!

The Mobile Clinic can be brought TO YOU! When the clinic is servicing Small Towns (see schedule on FAQ page) above non-mobile prices apply.

If a personal visit to your house Mobile Costs are as Follows:

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